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Viper Clean Sweep System ®


The patented Viper Clean Sweep System ® does two important tasks simultaneously.  It can scrub lodged dust and airsweep it away.  The Viper ® uses a combination of heads which make it possible to leave ductwork shining after a single pass and can do so while fitting through a 1 inch access hole.

Shipped with 36 components, including seven cleaning heads and 90 feet of rods, the Viper ® remains one of the best values in duct cleaning.

Forward Nozzle
Reverse Nozzle
Forward Whip
Reverse Whip
6 Whip Hydra™
Standard Whip 16"
Standard Whip 24"
9 - 5' Stiff Rods
9 - 5' Flexible Rods
10' Braided airline
20' Flexible Combination Line
30' BULLET® Dryer Vent Line
Hook™ Vent Cover Wand
Air Control Valve
Airflow Regulator
High, Medium & Low Pressure Whip material
Carrying Case

30 feet of dirty duct, shining in one pass!

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